Proudly 100% Australian-owned, Radian Energy was founded by “the Daves” – Dr David Ireland and David Aaskov – to minimise the financial and environmental cost of energy. What began as an endeavour to reduce a school's energy bill with solar panels evolved into an impassioned operation helping all Australians, organisations, and communities reduce their impact and their bills by using the same smart thinking.

We believe that every Australian should be able to help power a renewable and sustainable energy future. And today, we are proud to drive this ambition by providing a genuine, accessibly priced green alternative to traditional energy products and providers.

David Aaskov

Co-Founder & Managing Director

David Aaskov has provided management, engineering, consulting and assurance functions for companies such as AlstomGivaudanUGL and Chevron in Australasia, Eastern Europe and the UK. David was a founding director of award winning UK based rollingstock business RCSL. David holds CEC accreditations and a passion for the development of renewable energy assets.

Dr. David Ireland

Co-Founder & Director

Dr David Ireland is an innovation and design specialist. David has previously been a partner and Chief Innovation Officer at ThinkPlace, a general manager for Innovation Systems and International at CSIRO, and he was a 2018 Fulbright Fellow.

Julian Challingsworth

Non Executive Chairman

Julian Challingsworth has provided over 25 years of business advice to the energy industry, government and the cyber security sectors. Julian is CEO of Australian listed technology and services company Tesserent and was a founding Director in Online Power and Gas through to profitable sale in Mid 2017. He holds a Masters in Organisational Consulting, is a Chartered Accountant and a fellow of the CPA.

Hannah Cutts

Director of Brand & Communications

Hannah Cutts has worked in advertising, branding and communication for over 25 years. As a Creative Director she managed brands such as FostersBrisbane Airport CorporationQueensland GovernmentQICNorcoTourism Queensland and Brisbane City Council.

Dr. Juliette Tobias-Webb

Behavioural Economics Expert

Juliette has held several senior roles advising large corporations and government agencies on the effective design of products and services. Juliette applies insights from neuroscience, psychology, & economics to create real-world, measurable behavioural change.

Orson Gilmore

Operations & Compliance Advisor

Orson has over 14 years' experience in the energy retail sector. Orson has been involved in two start-up energy retail organisations – as Operations Development Manager for Neighbourhood Energy, Alinta's first energy retail venture into the east coast of Australia. More recently Orson was the CEO and Founder of Online Power and Gas managing the operation from its inception right through to its profitable sale in mid 2017.

Brett Harman


Brett Harman is a CPA who has extensive experience in both the distribution and retail energy industries. Brett has had over 15 years experience managing the finance, strategic and wholesale functions of a number of electricity retail companies. Brett also possesses expertise in embedded networks, distribution networks and industry regulations, and brings an entrepreneurial spirit to developing strategies and solutions for the companies he works with.

Aaron Martinez

Renewables Engineering & Gridside Economics

Aaron is a former civil engineer passionate for sustainability projects. Aaron finished a Master of Sustainable Energy and currently studies a Master of Advanced Economics. Combining engineering, sustainability and economics studies, Aaron's expertise in modelling supports the goals of Radian, transitioning Australia into a decarbonised economy.

Troy Guerra


Troy is a technology specialist. With over 25 years in experience in Information Technology with various startups, Troy brings a passion and expertise for technology solutions to the radian team.

why make a change?
Radian Energy is a 100% Australian-owned energy provider. We offer 100% carbon neutral power that is accredited by the United Nations' Climate Neutral Now initiative. Not only are we better for the planet, we're also better priced over the long term, with competitive plans, transparent pricing and no lock-in contracts.
we're positively neutral

As Australia's first and only provider accredited by the United Nations' Climate Neutral Now initiative, we have joined Microsoft, Sony, SAP and others across the globe to take the lead on climate action. 

we invest in change

We invest in world-first programs and technology that deliver environmental and social impact, as well as financial savings for customers and their communities. 

we shift the risk

Not only are we better for the planet, we're also better priced over the long term, with competitive plans, transparent pricing and no lock-in contracts.

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