What Makes the Radian Model Different?

What Makes the Radian Model Different?

We formed Radian after seeing how much households, businesses, and schools across Australia were paying for their power. I can remember being in one particular meeting with a large school in Queensland and learning that they were paying probably 20% more than the houses down the road were paying. I can remember thinking that that money should be being spent on educating the students, not contributing to the huge profits of our national energy providers. We walked out of that meeting determined to find another way.

Since those early days, we’ve worked hard to design a business that can provide all Australians with an alternative to the confusing and overpriced energy products we’ve become accustomed to. We’re a profit-for-purpose company, with our purpose being to save Australian’s money while transitioning to a renewable, and sustainable, energy future.

So how do we do this?

Firstly, we’re committed to building an ethical and sustainable company. At the core of this is our commitment to building products that are affordable and that meet the needs of our customers. Yeah, our profits are less than traditional energy providers, but we make enough and our purpose is to save you money and get you energy future proof, not build the next multibillion-dollar energy conglomerate. As an ethical and sustainable company also means being transparent in our billing process and our interactions with you.

"If you can’t explain it simply you don’t understand it well" - Albert Einstein

We want to make sure you understand everything we do with you, so there are no surprises, only complete, 100% satisfaction.

Secondly, we’ve partnered with one of the world’s largest solar panel and lithium battery manufacturers. This partnership has allowed us to secure world leading products at a price that no other provider in Australia can match.

Thirdly, we’re shifting the risk from you to us. When you typically buy solar, or even traditional retail energy for that matter, you carry the risk of rising prices or changing energy usage. With Radian, as we cover the costs of the equipment and installation, you only pay for the energy you use, at a price you agreed to at the beginning of the PPA. This means you get to benefit from affordable renewable energy, knowing that at the end of the PPA that you will own a system that will meet the majority of your energy needs into the future.

We’re early on this journey and we hope you join us. The other Dave and I both have kids, and we want to make sure that they get to enjoy an Australia like we did when we grew up. We think it’s time for a change in how energy is provided across Australia. We hope you do it.

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why make a change?
Radian Energy is a 100% Australian-owned energy provider. We offer 100% carbon neutral power that is accredited by the United Nations' Climate Neutral Now initiative. Not only are we better for the planet, we're also better priced over the long term, with competitive plans, transparent pricing and no lock-in contracts.
we're positively neutral

As Australia's first and only provider accredited by the United Nations' Climate Neutral Now initiative, we have joined Microsoft, Sony, SAP and others across the globe to take the lead on climate action. 

we invest in change

We invest in world-first programs and technology that deliver environmental and social impact, as well as financial savings for customers and their communities. 

we shift the risk

Not only are we better for the planet, we're also better priced over the long term, with competitive plans, transparent pricing and no lock-in contracts.

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