Carbon Footprint
How can communities take immediate action to reduce their carbon footprint?
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How can communities take immediate action to reduce their carbon footprint?
With a community-driven attitude powered by net zero emissions electricity, sustainable energy solutions and donation support for school emission reduction initiatives.

Radian is 100% committed to providing sustainable energy solutions to local communities.
As a world-first we’ve co-created a not-for-profit emissions reduction program, Zero Positive together with Solar Schools and other industry leading partners. As one of the largest emitters of Carbon Dioxide and Equivalent (CO2e) in Australia, our schools and their communities now have a practical program to help them take immediate action on climate change. The Zero Positive Program helps schools measure, reduce, and remove CO2 emissions. By doing so, we hope to help train the next generation of leaders while providing the tools and resources to reduce school and community carbon emissions now. A key component of the Program will be Radian Energy’s $35 rebate donation to Zero Positive for Schools, on behalf of every community household who signs up to a Radian Energy 100% carbon neutral energy plan. Each school is then on its way to net zero.

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