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Radian Energy, a participant of the UN’s Climate Neutral Now. The details behind an ambitious global initiative.
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To avoid the worst effects of climate change, science tells us that we must limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius.
Globally, we have already reached 1.1 degrees Celsius of global warming. We could reach 1.5 by 2030. We need urgent action!

What can you do?

Climate Neutral Now invites organisations, governments and citizens to work towards global climate neutrality by addressing their own climate footprint through a 3-step method:

  1. Measure their greenhouse gas emissions. also called the carbon footprint;

  2. Reduce them as much as possible through their own actions; and

  3. Compensate those which cannot be currently avoided by using UN certified emission reductions (CERs), a type of carbon credit.

What is Radian Energy doing to help?

Radian Energy is 100% committed to the goals of the Climate Neutral Now Initiative. We:

  1. Only sell 100% carbon neutral electricity. Our electricity is, on average, about 20% green. The remainder of the electricity comes from non-renewable sources. To offset the emissions created during the generation of this electricity we purchase UN certified carbon offset credits. 

  2. Are supporting programs like EcoForce and Zero+, which are helping to achieve net zero through direct action and education programs.

  3. Are working with households and organisations across Australia get solar and battery systems to reduce reliance on emission heavy electricity sourced from the grid. 

Why offsetting carbon emissions is important

Carbons credits generated by verified climate-friendly projects help to compensate one's unavoidable emissions. While long term goals might be for 100% renewable energy, in the interim, carbon credits are a useful and necessary tool for reducing our impact on the environment. 

Verified carbon credits have multiple benefits including:

  1. Rewarding projects located in developing countries and encouraging the development of new ones;

  2. Helping bring sustainable development benefits to communities, such as improved air and water quality, improved income, improved health, reduced energy consumption and much more; and

  3. Contributing to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Why join Climate Neutral Now?

Join a growing group of leading organisations and individuals to incentivise behavioural changes which in turn will drive the change within their industries and networks, helping align them with the Sustainable Development Goals. Become a leader and support society to succeed against this challenge.

Finally, take responsibility NOW for the emissions that you cannot currently avoid. Try to reduce your emissions as much as possible, and keep continuously trying to reduce them, but compensate those that you have not been able to eliminate.

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