Do It Yourself Sundial
We have created a DIY sundial for use in the southern hemisphere.

There is a full colour template for you to print as an A4. A set of black and white instructions to walk you through the process. We have even made a YouTube DIY SUNDIAL INSTRUCTION video that you can follow if all else fails.

Here’s a bit of history about the sundial. The oldest sundial that we know of is an Egyptian shadow clock built around 1500 BCE in Egypt. The hemispherical sundial came later; which was pure genius due to the spherical bowl that meant the shadows variations from winter to summer months were catered for. It was designed by a Greek astronomer some 280 years BCE but was in use in its current form until the 10th Century CE. The biggest sundial in the world now stands in Jaipur at the Jantar Mantar, an astronomical observation site built in the 18th Century. The centrepiece is the giant sundial - Samrat Yantra. It is 27 metres high and the shadow moves at 6cm per minute!

Instructions video :

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