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Integrating sustainability education and practices into school life.

“Australians spend $876M a year on ‘standby’ energy, which contributes to 2.4M tonnes of CO2e. If ONE school turned their appliances off at the wall every night it would save, on average, $2,225 per school per year. If the 9,500 schools inAustralia did that, it would reduce costs by $21M a month or $235M per annum.” Rob Breuer, CEO Solar Schools

After reflecting on the changes he witnessed in the natural environment from a lifetime of adventuring, Rob has a newfound sense of urgency regarding climate change. After meeting Dave Aaskov from Radian, and a small group of other passionate people, he created the genesis of a program that he believed could effect the change required. He believes the Zero Positive Program can accelerate schools’ abilities to create tangible impacts and positive environmental outcomes.

Educating for Generational Change

Solar Schools traces its origins back to 2002, and over the years has crafted a practical, engaging and Australian Curriculum aligned education toolkit. Today this encompasses modules (8 to 10) from Prep to Year 12. Here’s how it works.

For educators

Students will have immediate access to educational resources, including the Planet Watch App. A Knowledge Bank will be accessible for assignments, with content including videos and diagrams to assist students in their understanding. Planet Watch uses STEM aligned resources for investigation and inquiry and includes a Teacher Guide.

Teacher training and support

Teachers will have access to detailed unit plans, lesson plans and student activities for Year levels 1 to 12, which will be ready to use straight ‘off-the-shelf’ or as a baseline from which to build customised lessons. The Knowledge Bank will give teachers a background understanding of topics through online training videos and case studies to assist with their lesson activities. Specific Teacher Training will comprise four annual, online, 30-minute training sessions.

Making the invisible, visible

Jam packed with educational resources, multimedia content and interactive graphs and charts, Solar Schools has everything you need to turn invisible concepts, like energy, into real tangible insights for students. You’ll find everything you need to know about energy, energy efficiency and sustainability in the one place, including your school’s energy profile with live weather data and energy graphs.

Solar Schools is passionate about its involvement in the Zero Positive Program which aims to empower the next generation of leaders to become environmental change agents.

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