Radian Energy partners with Surfers for Climate
Surfers for Climate Supporter
We are proud to announce our partnership with Surfers for Climate and support them in their mission to promote positive climate action.

As an energy company that says no to fossil fuels, we care deeply about our oceans and waterways and know there are many aspects of the environment that can benefit when we make the switch to cleaner and greener energy. 

Surfers for Climate are calling on the 35 million surfers across the world to use their voices to address the climate crisis and make a change for the better to protect our oceans and shorelines. They’re a sea-roots (like grass-roots but ocean-based, clever huh?) movement dedicated to positive climate action. We share their belief that the power of the people can create change and that each of us can and should do something to be part of the solution.

We’ve joined the SFC Sustainable Supply Club because we know people want to make the switch to using green and renewable energy. SFC supports a range of brands and companies that align with our company’s values; who work towards positive climate action by helping people use their power to choose products and services which cause the least harm to our oceans and shorelines. We’re also supporting SFC through a donation so they can continue their good work.

Globally, surfers are intimately connected to the changing ocean environments and know that every person’s actions can have an impact. Surfers for Climate encourages all surfers to make positive choices in every aspect of their lives for the good of the environment. This includes energy sources.

We know that when you make the choice to switch to Radian Energy you’re creating better outcomes for our oceans. You’re taking action and as a collective we are riding waves towards a future that’s brighter for everyone. Like the ocean lovers at Surfers for Climate, we know that everything we buy has an impact on our environment and the climate. We’re trying to avoid a total wipeout. When we make better decisions as consumers we are using our personal power to promote positive climate action and save our oceans.

-> Learn more about Surfers for Climate

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