Rimba Raya REDD+ Biodiversity Reserve in Indonesia
Radian Energy is investing to help protect one of the most highly endangered ecosystems in the world.
Rimba Raya
Rimba Raya, at nearly the size of Singapore, protects one of the most highly endangered ecosystems in the world.
In terms of avoided emissions, this project has resulted in more than 130 million tonnes of avoided carbon emissions.

The project has successfully defended 64,500 hectares of carbon and biodiversity-rich lowland peat forest from conversion to oil palm plantations, which surround the project area and adjacent Tanjung Putting National Park. In terms of avoided emissions, this project has resulted in more than 130 million tonnes of avoided carbon emissions.

InfiniteEARTH initiated this critical biodiversity project that protects an area rich with flora and fauna; protecting over 120 threatened and endangered species. This includes the Bornean Orangutan. It is the largest privately-funded orangutan sanctuary worldwide.

The Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve is an amazing program that delivers premium carbon credits and then some.

Premium, as the word suggests, means that the project and its initiatives go above and beyond the single project creating the carbon credits to support ongoing schemes that strengthen the wider community. Working alongside over 10,000 community members living in and around the boundaries of the project. 

It proudly adheres to all 17 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals through education, employment, and thus, a more positive future outlook.


In Rimba Raya there are 17 initiatives delivering impact across these UN goals. They range from building floating medical clinics to creating funding to empower women entrepreneurs. These additional benefits are important, as they ensure systemic and sustainable change is created across the RIMBA RAYA region. 

The projects run on a platform of sustainable development across a three fold mission: climate, community. and biodiversity

Here we look at just 3 of the projects but there is a link to all 17 programs at the end of this post.

The Rimba Raya solar power initiative

This initiative aims to provide a clean, renewable source of energy to 100% of the households within the Rimba Raya Reserve. Before this initiative, family members often spent hours foraging for wood to generate light and for use as cooking fuel. 

The installed equipment includes solar lanterns and solar generator systems. The solar lanterns are also distributed to homes in the village community.

Water purifying system program

The basic widespread distribution of colloidal silver enhanced ceramic filters. These filters are coated with colloidal silver, which kills 99.98% of pathogens from unsanitary water and protects the children of Rimba Raya from lethal, waterborne diseases.

Protect endangered and indigenous wildlife

Since its inception, Rimba Raya has focused on identifying the indigenous plants and animals which call Rimba Raya “home”. “We endeavor to understand and maintain the delicate balance shared by all living things inside the Reserve and to promote awareness  of their struggle (often against species extinction) when the economic and social expectations of humans are pitted against indigenous wildlife unable to communicate their rights and plights.”

An independent survey recorded more than 300 species of birds, 122 species of mammals, 180 species of trees and plants and 400 species of reptiles and amphibians (incomplete survey).

The Bornean Orangutan, the Proboscis Monkey, the Bornean Agile Gibbon, the Asian Sun Bear, the Sunda Pangolin, and the Clouded Leopard are but a few of the flagship species from the IUCN Red List (International Union for Conservation of Nature) that are found in Rimba Raya.

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