Zero Positive for Schools
We co-founded Zero Positive – a world-first, not-for-profit emissions reduction program for Schools endorsed by the United Nations.
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Zero Positive is a world-first, not-for-profit emissions reduction Program.
Endorsed by the United Nations, the Program has been developed specifically to empower schools and their communities with the right tools, education and support to commence the path towards reaching net-zero emissions targets and becoming climate positive.

We are well aware the time is ‘zero o’clock’ for the planet. If we don’t do what we can now, it will be too late. We’re also aware that one of the largest emitters of Carbon Dioxide and equivalent (CO2e) in Australia is our school system, with 25% of our population involved in one way or another. It’s also where we prepare our children for their future — so, for Dave Aaskov, one of Radian’s founders, co-creating a positive program to help schools take action on climate change was not just rational, but vital.

If all the 9,500 schools in Australia and 50% of their communities reach carbon neutral, we will make significant steps towards our national target.

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