solar panel

Blended Henry in a nutshell

A simple ELECTRICITY PLAN that gives you free solar as part of the package.

Think of it as your very own SOLAR FARM that we manage and if the sun isn’t shining we take care of that too.

You can thank our team of number crunchers for the BLENDED HENRY. They worked out that if we can install quality solar panels onto your roof, manage that electricity flow and all the network fees that come with that, we can still make a profit while supplying you with very low cost electricity that also helps the planet.

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Sure is! We install the big brands with the big warranties for FREE and discount your grid supplied electricity for 7 years. We ensure your system is safe and compliant using CEC accredited installers.

i want a solar farm


Well done you! If your current system needs replacement or upgrade, the BLENDED HENRY is a perfect fit. Otherwise have a look at our SOLAR SAVER plan and get the most from your existing system.

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Fair enough, we would too.
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Energy Pricing by Postal Code

The energy network in Australia charges different prices from postcode to postcode.
Our charge for electricity doesn’t change but the amount that we have to pay to get the power to you does.
In other words, electricity poles and wires cost more in some areas than others and so our rates vary.
Telling it like it is!