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Radian Energy For Your Government

Get secure, cost-saving and reliable renewable energy that allows you to focus on building our communities and enriching our future.

With RADIAN ENERGY, you don't need to spend countless time sorting through thousands of options in the solar energy market. Let Radian explore the solar options for you and let our industry leading sustainability experts conduct evaluations on how we can work together to build the most beneficial project for your community.

We'll do all the planning and evaluation for you.


Consulting Services

Our solar industry expert consultants allow us to help public entities of all sizes successfully handle restrictive budgets, environmental mandates and volatile energy rates.

Policy Expertise

Our knowledge of energy policy allows us to make solar simpler and more streamlined for government agencies.

Community Involvement

We are here to help communities of all sizes reduce energy costs and bring secure solar power to their citizens.


Energy Pricing by Postal Code

The energy network in Australia charges different prices from postcode to postcode.
Our charge for electricity doesn’t change but the amount that we have to pay to get the power to you does.
In other words, electricity poles and wires cost more in some areas than others and so our rates vary.
Telling it like it is!