Radian Energy For Education

RADIAN ENERGY products are already helping the education sector save money while reducing its carbon footprint.

Our BLENDED HENRY is a no fee for purchase, installation or maintenance product in solar and/or batteries with managed VPP and Peer to Peer trading capabilities.

Our systems aggregate mountains of real time data which we have found drives an internal increase in sustainable practices and provides the students and teachers with access to real world, real time educational resources.


Reduce Operating Costs

Many schools and universities pay more for their energy (in terms of cost per watt) than many homes and businesses do. This isn’t right, as these institutions are training our leaders of tomorrow. Radian has designed a special product for schools and universities that gives them access to energy prices and infrastructure that can help them significantly reduce their operating costs and spend more on teaching and research.

Multi-site Savings

Many schools and universities operate over several sites. With our technology and approach, we allow you to trade energy between your sites, to maximise your usage of energy generated from your system and minimise energy used from the grid.

Boost Enrolment

Solar power is cutting-edge and attractive to eco-minded students, teachers, and supporters. As such, a college or university that installs a solar panel system could easily see an increase in enrolment.


Energy Pricing by Postal Code

The energy network in Australia charges different prices from postcode to postcode.
Our charge for electricity doesn’t change but the amount that we have to pay to get the power to you does.
In other words, electricity poles and wires cost more in some areas than others and so our rates vary.
Telling it like it is!