battery_charging_fullThe Daves' Choice
100% Net-zero electricity + Solar + Battery
Minimise your bills. Maximise your power.
Become energy independent. Reduce your power bill by up to 80% immediately and your environmental impact forever.
$500+ joining bonus
Receive a $500 energy bill credit when you install a Radian 6.6 kW system
Clean Energy Council approved installers
Customised design and expert installation of quality products
Pay nothing upfront
Take advantage of $0 upfront installation costs with a market leading Green Loan
Ongoing local support
We'll be here if you ever have any questions
Girl gazing at waterfall
Choose freedom by installing solar and a battery.
Freedom from the grid. Freedom from monitoring your energy use. Freedom to live your life. Use what you want, when you want. All while costing you, and the planet, much, much less.
The Daves' Choice
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Australia's only independent energy company certified by the United Nations Climate Neutral Now initiative and the Australian Government's Climate Active program, and providing exclusively 100% GreenPower and net-zero energy.